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November 2006

Rhythmic Improvisations

a wallhanging for the Vermont Jazz Center in Brattleboro VT

There's a wonderful performance space in Brattleboro VT, located in a factory building which has been converted to a conglomeration of artists' studios and other interesting spaces. This hotbed of the arts is The Cotton Mill, located off South Main Street.


In the fall of '07, my husband helped to give the space a new coat of paint, and caught wind of the need for "something" on the wall to liven things up. I decided to make a large (12 feet wide by 9 feet high!), simple piece (three lengths of hand-dyed cloth, hung with strips of black fabric seperating them). The three pieces are all done with a twisting technique, a good method for dyeing large pieces of fabric with an interesting, rhythmic coloration. Above, you see the piece in the performance space, and below is a larger image of the finished piece:

Rhythmic Improvisations

12' x 9', artist-dyed cotton fabric

To see more large pieces in public spaces, go here.

In April 2008, I made a second piece for the Jazz Center. Go here to see it.

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