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pieces hanging in situ

To see Rhythmic Improvisations, my most recent wallhanging for a public space, click on the image below.

Chromatic Morphogenesis

This set of pieces hangs in a common space at the Stafford Building (molecular biology and genetics) at the University of Vermont in Burlington. The name was the result of a contest held during the grand "opening" of these pieces.

They are pieced from my own hand-dyed cotton fabrics, and filled with a thin cotton batting.

view from 1st floor eating area
view from 2nd floor

Below is another set of hangings in a public place, namely the hospital in Barre Vermont. These are stretched on wooden frames, as one would mount canvases.

Below are a couple images of pieces hanging in people's homes. They give you an idea of how my work can look "in real life".

On the right is Waterside, which I describe in greater detail here.

above: Monet

to right: Women's Work

On the left is Sky Grid, a pattern which I've mostly done as a bedquilt -- but here it's a hanging.

...and now on to my mom's house! She has a lot of my work. Below and to the left are two pieces shown in situ.

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