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some more whole-cloth work


This piece was a long time in coming. I was asked to make a hanging using large pieces of my Artichoke cloth, so I first had to make the cloth. I dyed several pieces before I got what we wanted, and then searched my fabric collection and scrap drawers for the right surrounding pieces.


90" x 66"


14 feet x 5 feet



When I lived in Kentucky for a few months, I did a lot of dyeing, and the large piece of fabric in the hanging at left was a piece I made one night as I was trying to use up all the leftover dye of the day's work. The cloth is about 4 yards long, and after I washed it, I discovered that I liked it so much that I was loathe to cut it up at all!

I kept the cloth for many years, waiting for an opportunity to use the fabric in its entirety. That time finally came, and Waterside is the resulting piece. It is magnificently displayed in the 2-story entryway of a home in Vermont.

For a larger image of this piece (so you can scroll and see the fabrics better), click here.

Inner Windows


Below are three pieces I made for a house in Rochester NY, for a very specific site. The center piece is on a part of the wall (abbove the fireplace) that is about a foot further out than the two side walls. If you'd like to see the saga of these hangings, click here to view the archived pages of its progress from idea to actualization.

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