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3 Wallhangings for the Carters

Here's a picture of the empty walls, with drawings of the approximate dimensions of the trio of hangings I'll make for them...

...and below are a bunch of fabrics that will be the basis for the pieces, which really I think of as one piece. (in this picture, we're looking down into the living room from a balcony above; the wall for the hangings is tall!

meanwhile, back at the studio...
I've set up an extra design wall just for this project (in the one room in the apartment that gets any sunlight at all!).  Below is a composite image made up of two pictures of the wall and its current adornment.  My basic idea is of the large pieces of cloth (the ones in the middle), framed in a free-form sort of way with the "plainer" pieces of cloth.  We'll see how it comes along...

Now I've decided that the two fabrics in the middle above will form the bulk of the outer two pieces of the triptich.  So what to do for the center?  Below are some pictures of the center as it is in process.

And how is this-all going to look in the Carters' living room?
(glad you asked!)... I've been playing with my computer, and below is an approximation of how the pieces would look, as I envisioned them at the time I first made this page.  For a new image of the pieces in situ, check out page 4 of this series.

I'm now working more on the side panels, and you can see the progress on these pages:
Carter, page 2
Carter, page 3
Carter, page 4

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