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Welcome to my studio! In these pages, you can see chronicles of some of my past work. Occasionally I'll show you what I'm actually at work on now, although often I'm so involved in doing it that I don't take time out to record it. The work that's been recorded in the past can be found in the archives. 

February 2012

I'm working on several things these days, and will get some of them documented here. I'm helping to decorate my mother-in-law's new apartment, which is an interesting challenge for me. Hopefully I'll get a page up about that soon.

I do have a page chronicling the beginning of an interesting project for someone who bought a quilt from me about 15 years ago. I'm designing a new quilt which echoes the old one, as well as the brick wall behind the bed it'll be sitting on.

Below is a picture of the old quilt in situ. To see where this is taking me, click here.

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