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February 2012

a new quilt for a previous customer

I've been in business long enough that some of my "old" customers need new quilts! Compared to ceramic, glass, or stone, fiber is vulnerable to wear and tear, and if used (even carefully and lovingly), will degrade over time. But luckily I'm still around, and though a bit degraded myself, am still making quilts.

Not long ago, someone who'd bought one of my quilts about 15 years ago contacted me about a new quilt, and sent me a picture of the old one in situ. Back then, I had made a series of landscape quilts, using a combination of my own hand-dyed fabrics and Indonesian batiks. Over time, much of the batik fabric has worn and ripped, so I propose to make a new quilt, using exclusively my hand-dyed fabrics.

I'll take you along on a bit of the journey of this project!

For the new quilt, I designed a simpler pattern (with 5 pieces in each "pane" of the window, as opposed to the 7 in the quilt above), and wanted to reflect the proportions of the bricks in the wall behind the bed. On the right, you can see the pattern for the new elements in the design, and below is a drawing of the dimensions of the whole quilt.

My design has 41 panes in it, so I've chosen 21 different fabrics. I'll cut 10 pieces from each fabric; each of the 5 pieces of the pattern above, and another 5 of the mirror image of that pattern.

Once I piece all of the panes together, I'll arrange them on my design wall, and figure out what will work best as the "mortar" in my design, and then the borders.

stay tuned!

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