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The place where I spend most of my time.

I live in an old Vermont farmhouse, and what's now my studio was originally the upstairs of the attached barn.  After dreaming about this for several years, I had it fixed up:  insulated, sheet-rocked, etc.  Notable inprovements were the skylights, air conditioner, and the set of shelves on the left in the picture below. 

studio view to the west

There are some neat shelves visible in this picture.  The unit on the left holds my fabric.  I like to have many choices available at all times. Almost all of what's on the shelves are my own hand-dyed cottons.  I have white shades to put over the fabric to protect them from sun (but if truth be told, I hardly ever bother to use them!), and below the fabric shelves are tables that can be raised or lowered, according to my needs.  In the picture, all the tables are lowered except the far one, which is piled high.  Behind and underneath the shelves is lots of storage.

Under the work table, I have two units of shelves which are particularly helpful to me.  One is visible in the picture.  These units have pieces of Luan (very thin plywood) cut to 23"x32", and supported only on the sides with 1/4 round molding.  Each Luan shelf slides out, and is great for holding the cut pieces of work-in-progress, or extra pieces from quilts I've made in the past. 

studio view to the east

Here you get a nice view of my woodstove (essential in the winter!), and my design wall.  The wall itself is covered with Homosote, which can be pinned into, and then with a flannel sheet.  I can design on the wall by sticking pieces of cloth on the flannel, and rarely need to pin things.

I've also set up a dyeing studio, and there are pictures of it here.

I also have pictures of a much smaller California studio.

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