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3 Wallhangings for the Carters, part 2

So above is the center of the three pieces I'm making for the Carters' living room.

This page will document the progress of the side pieces of the triptych. Below are images of the two pieces of fabric that I've had in mind for this project all along, and then you'll be able to see what I've done with them so far!

One problem I have here is that the two fabrics are not the same size, so I decided to mix them together: By making a curve along the bottom, I can switch the bottom "hill", putting the left one on the right fabric and vice versa.

The images above are reconstructions via Photoshop of what I actually did on the real fabric by cutting.  Seems I didn't take photos of this intermediate step. 
Next I had the idea that I'd like the two fabrics to interact more, and that I wanted to get the same zigzag element in there that I have in the center piece (pictured at the top of this page). 
I made another cut pretty much parallel to the horizon cut, and about a foot or so above it.  I took the resulting pieces (one from each piece of cloth) and designed a zigzag shape down the middle, shown below: 

After I cut these two pieces into 21 pieces each, and rearranged them on the wall, it-all looks like this: 

Now, bear in mind that the two images we're looking at above are of the pieces as they're laid out on the wall, without taking seam allowances into consideration.  When I sew the panels together, the middle sections (where the zig zags are) will no longer line up perfectly with the top and bottom larger pieces. 
I needed to do several things to make it all more-or-less square; I added some pieces to both zigzags (on the right in each panel) to make the zigzag part be as wide as the original pieces of fabric.  I also added a piece along the right side of the right panel, to make it a bit wider, and then decided to bring the same fabric around to the top of the piece. 
The right and left panels now look like this: 


The next thing to happen is that these two side pieces will get borders 
 around them.  I've now done that with the one on the right, and have 
just started with the left one.  Click below to see the progress! 

Left in progress                             Right mostly pieced
 Carter, page 1
Carter, page 3
Carter, page 4

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