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On this page, we have a few more large pieces that are really "all about the fabric". In each one, special fabrics are featured, but the piecing holds some interest as well.

72" x 56"



This piece started with the three vertical pieces which appear to be floating in the center. I found these pieces in my scrap drawer, and saw that they had once been a single piece, but I had torn it into these three separate pieces. I couldn't remember why, and obviously whatever the idea was, it didn't work, because they'd ended up as scrap. On my design wall I played with these, "auditioning" other pieces of cloth for quite some time before I found the right combination.


This piece is more closely related to the framed hangings than to most other large hangings.Except for its size, my thinking with it was very similar to the smaller stretched pieces.

I've used large pieces of fabric dyed in a variety of ways. While designing the piece, I had the image of building a village with many separate elements living in harmony with each other. 

Women's lives are often like this - a balancing of rich and varied kinds of work. 

Women's Work

75" x 48"

Sleeping Wing

64" x 48"


This piece was a gift from the dyeing faries!

One afternoon I was dyeing something else (don't remember now what it was), and had some left-over dye. I slapped it on a couple pieces of cloth that I'd wrapped for arashi shibori. One of the pieces had been previously dyed, and in the other I used all the little bits of my leftovers. At the time, I thought of them as "lost pieces" -- didn't really expect them to be very interesting.

Imagine my surprise when after washing, I had two deep, rich pieces of cloth which even liked each other! I kept the piecing simple, and set the shibori off with a bit of bright blue.

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