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a few early hangings
On this page, I have images of some early-ish hangings. All are concerned, in one way or another, with featuring a special piece of fabric or two.


76" x 60"


The starting point for this work was the large piece of orange-rose fabric which might be a swamp at sunset behind the lattice of an old library window. The name Firefly came from a twelve-year-old friend who saw the quilt in progress. This name inspired all sorts of questions - where are the fireflies? If they are the spirals above the window, are they inside or out? Or are we seeing the essence of just one firefly? 


The center of this hanging is made from two pieces of fabric, each cut into strips. The one that appears "behind", the lighter one, is actually a monoprint: I smeared thickened dye on my table, and then carefully placed the fabric on top of my prepared painting (really, a finger painting!).

Garden Gate

57" x 48"


79" x 41"


This piece also was essentially made of two pieces of fabric. The lighter of the two was a twist-dyed piece, and the darker an ombre.

To see these individual fabric styles, visit the fabric techniques section. 

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