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April 2008

Blue Jazz

a second wallhanging for the Vermont Jazz Center in Brattleboro VT

I wanted to make a second piece for the Jazz Center, so again hung 3 long lengths of fabric, though dyed with quite a different technique than those in Rhythmic Improvisation.

I had dyed a 4-yard piece of cloth, which was shown in a fiber exhibition last fall. I wanted to use it for something, and not have to cut it up... So the expansive walls of the Jazz Center seemed like the perfect place!

Below is an image of this piece of cloth, with a detail image on the right.

This piece was done with a stitch-resist technique, infusing color into the stitch lines before soaking the whole bundle in indigo blue. I wanted to make lengths of fabric to hang to the left and right of the above fabric, using the same technique but not so much color variation. I actually used the computer (!) to help figure out the design of the stitch resist on these two pieces. It was cool using the cut-and-paste capability of this magic machine to get an idea of what my design would look like when repeated!

Below left is the drawing I did on the computer, and on the right is my package of my accordion-folded fabric before stitching.

And below is the finished piece, hanging in the Jazz Center during a wonderful concert.

Blue Jazz

12' x 10', artist-dyed cotton fabric

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