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Maypole (detail)

Here's yet another way I've combined pieces of ombre fabric. Each of the "ribbons" in the Maypole is made of long skinny triangles that were all cut from ombre fabrics. For this quilt, I cut many many pieces, and then arrange them on my flannel wall.

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Below are images of two more quilts. The picture on the left shows an entire quilt (called Peter's Reef), and the one on the right is a detail of an earlier quilt. The center of each quilt is made entirely of pieces of one shape and size. When working on this pattern, I cut out hundreds of equlateral triangles and stick them up on the flannel-covered wall in my studio, allowing me to get some perspective on how the colors interact. A design like this can stay up on my wall for a week or more as I do other work. Occasionally I'll change a piece here and there until I'm satisfied. Then I simply sew all the pieces together!
Peter's Reef
Reef (detail)
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