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Zebra Ballet

To the left is an anomalous quilt; I couldn't possibly make it again even if I wanted to.

Its tale is one of failure and fixing--

I started out with the idea that I would mix 4 pieces of my ombre cloth (usually, I'm just trying to cope with two), and the result looked like a plaid blanket. Not my cup of tea! So I seperated the already-pieced quilt into units of 8x8 squares, put them at an odd slant, and broke them up with a turkey red cloth that I had on hand. The quilt still needed something, so I put a piece of striped cloth in the center of each unit, and I used an ombre/shibori I'd just made for the border.

The "background" of the center of the quilt on the right is made of squares cut from one large piece of (once again!) ombre fabric. The little colored squares marching around the border are sort of a pain to piece, but are so cheerful, I couldn't resist making them. 



My newest use of an on-a-slant perspective is the quilt Great Plains, a detail of which is pictured at left. The quilt is for sale in my Store.
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