hand-dyed fabrics

some "basic" techniques

Here's a relative of the technique above.  This one was scrunched up into a plastic zip-lock bag, had two colors of dye mixture poured on it, and allowed to sit for a good long spell.  yum!

the "sueded" look

Essentially, this is just an unevenly dyed piece of cloth. If you were trying to accieve a piece of uniform coloring, you would consider it a failure.  To me, though, it's infinitely more interesting than a solid.  Basically, I'm stuffing too much cloth into a dye bath that's too small, and not stirring the whole mess.  One of the things I love is how the dyes separate; if you look closely here, you can perhaps see several shades of blues and purples, even though the whole cloth was put into just one dye bath.

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