hand-dyed fabrics

ombre cloth and salt variation

  • 45" x 75"

On the right is a variation on the ombre above. After smoothing the dyes on as for an ombre piece, I sprinkled rock salt on the piece and let it dry flat on my dyeing table. I'm not really sure why the salt makes it do what it does, but it's a beautiful effect. It could be that the particles of salt draw moisture from the air, and the dye takes to the fabric differently because of the varying rates of drying

To dye a piece of fabric like this, I lay a large piece of wet cloth on my dye table outside. I mix 7 to 10 colors of liquid dye, and pour them on the cloth, blending each color into the next. I hang the piece carefully to dry on the line (quite a trick with 2 or 3 yards of cloth, only one person, and wind to contend with!)

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