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On this page, you'll see quilts of a pattern I've always called Floating Diamonds. It's reallly the first pattern I developed specifically for my hand-dyed ombre cloth. If you know anything about traditional quilting patterns, you might call it Flying Geese, but after all, what I've used in the design is triangles, squares, and rectangles, which are pretty generic. I cut the ombre cloth into squares, and then triangles, and then keeping things in the proper order, I end up with diamonds that appear to have two sets of colors moving across, or through, each other. Over the years I've made more than 2 dozen quilts of this pattern, and each has a character all its own.
Tiger Tiger

This is the most recent of the Floating Diamonds series, except for Earth's Riches, which I have for sale.

Alex's Flip


and now we'll backtrack...

To the right is a picture of the very first quilt I made with my hand-dyed fabric

Smoke and Mirrors
For the next quilt using my ombre cloth, I turned the squares on end, turning them into diamonds, and added a lattice and smaller diamonds
Below are some details of particular quilts made with this pattern, to give you an idea of the variety the same pattern can have.
Earth's Riches

the above quilt is for sale in my Store

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