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Mist Rising

All the colors in the center of this quilt come from two large pieces of cloth, dyed in an ombre pattern (see below for an explanation). As I do the cutting and piecing, I keep my wits about me to preserve the pieces in their original order. Thus, the colors appear to flow from one piece to the next, creating an illusion of complexity, when in fact the piecing is quite simple.

The border fabric is a bit idiosyncratic, dyed outside on a very hot, sunny day in Vermont. I used thickened black dye (I felt like I was working with used motor oil) after I had sort-of pleated the fabric. I then sprinkled the mess with rock salt, and left it on the table in the sun for several hours.

And here's another example of the same idea. For this quilt, I dye two 3-yard pieces of cloth in the following manner: I wet the cloth, and spread it on a large table outside. I mix several colors of dye, pour them directly on the cloth, and smoothly blend adjacent colors together. When I've finished dyeing, I very carefully hang the piece of fabric up to dry. The resulting ombre cloth has a multitude of different hues and shades. 

The piecing pattern I've created is fairly sharp (with all those points!), but the blending of colors gives the piece a softness. I've done the design over a dozen times, and it's always a completely different quilt because of the mood and interaction of the colors and their placement.

Fire on the Lake

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