hand-dyed fabrics

freezer paper resist

On the right is an example of paper dolls run amok! I started with a softly-colored mop-up, and ironed on the patterns you see in the light green. They were cut from freezer paper that I had first accordion-folded. I rolled over them with thickened brown and dark green dyes.

Another way to mask the fabric before dyeing is with freezer paper, which is sold in the supermarket (I assume for use in the freezer). One side of this paper is coated with a thin layer of plastic, and so will adhere to cloth if it's ironed on. For the piece on the left, I cut out spirals (very much fun!!!), and ironed them on. I rolled over the resist with rust and purple thickened dye, then turned the fabric over and painted in the (still white) spirals with a couple colors of yellow.

...and here's one with the same sort of cutting technique for the freezer paper. The big difference in this one is that I used a patterned roller for all the dye application, adding a nice texture to the piece.

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