hand-dyed fabrics

a BIG piece of arashi shibori

144" x 42"

On the left is an piece of arashi shibori, unusual in several ways.  I wanted the stipes to be going horizontally on the cloth (rather than diagonally, as I usuall do), so first I folded the 42" wide fabric twice, to make a strip 4 yards long by 14" wide, which just happens to be the circumference of the PVC pipe I use for my shibori pole.  I laid the folded strip of fabric on the pole, and secured the long edges to each other with masking tape.  Then I started winding string from one end of the pole, stopping every 8 inches or so to scrunch the fabric up tightly.  Then I wound some more, and scrunched some more, and wound some more, and ...

Well, I'm sure you get the idea.  The whole process was pretty laborious!  When the entire 4 yards of cloth was on the pole and scruched together ready to dye, I'd say it probably took up about 2 feet of the pole (to give you an idea of how much the cloth gets scrunched).

I then painted the bundle with several colors of dye, concentrating the reds at one end of the package, and the blues at the other.

Below is a detail of the same piece.

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