hand-dyed fabrics


Here's about the most basic technique of all; in fact, it's a laugh to call it a technique...

I do much of my dye-work on a table, and in the course of nearly any kind of dyeing, there'll be some dye left on the table after I remove the fabric.  Ya gotta clean up the table, right?  Why wipe up perfectly good dye with a sponge, when you can mop it up with another piece of cloth?On this page I give you several examples of mop-up, some (like the one on the left) done with a dry cloth, some (like the one below) done on a damp cloth.

Very often, of course, I'll mop up my table with a cloth I've previously used for mopping up the table at some other point.  The fabrics above and to the left are good examples of this; it looks like the first layer (or the first several!) were mopped when the cloth was damp, and then the final layer (black above, and teal blue on the left) was thickened, smeared on the table, and then mopped when the fabric was dry.  (Yes, I do sometimes do this intentionally, too!)

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