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early 2007

Thought and Feeling

Lately I've been at work on a project that I'll be showing in June of this year, at a conference of the Surface Design Association, in Kansas City Missouri.  The SDA is a group of artists concerned with textile dyeing and other manipulations.  I had made a three-dimensional piece for the members' exhibit in 2003, and wanted again to do something 3D

The stipulations for the show are that the finished piece be 52" long by 18" wide, with 2-sided work encouraged. If the piece is 3-dimensional, the maximum depth is 6".

I chose to make a piece with four sides, because the piece is an 18" wide suspended loop, with an inside and outside. I hung the loop over a piece of PVC pipe (tastefully wrapped with black cloth), and had another piece of pipe at the bottom of the loop to weight it down and give it dimension.

In the photo at right, you see the finished piece from an angle, with the shadowy figure of my husband, who's holding up the piece for the photographer.

The inside of this loop is pieced, in the method I've come to call "strip scrap". Photos of the inside are shown at left, with a detail shot above

The fabric on the outer side of the loop is a twist-dyed piece. Go here to see how that's done.

The piece is a bit mysterious, with a very active inside and a calm, rather luminous outer countenance. I've called it "Thought and Feeling"-- you can choose which is the inside and which the outside!

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