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Strip Scrap Quilt

Hello!   Here we are at the beginning of another strip scrap quilt.  I've made four full sized quilts of this style, as well as two snuggle-sized ones and a couple small hangings.  I enjoy them a great deal, because they're very spontaneous.  I'm certainly making decisions while I'm sewing the scraps together, but mostly I don't notice it, and I find it lots of fun to simply work without thinking. 

Here we go:

First I locate my scraps.  In this case, I brought all my current scraps to California, where I've just moved, and you can see them in the picture above, with my foot to give you some perspective. I then sew anything I can construe as a strip end-to-end with other strips of the same width.  Below, on the left, you can see me organizing and pinning strips so I can sew them. Many of my strips change thickness in the course of their stripdom, so when I'm finished with this step, I have long (and I mean 30 yards or more!) series of strips sewn end-to-end, which vary in width over that 30 yards.  Then I iron the series, to make the seams flat and everything tidy. On the right is a picture of me holding over a hundred yards of sewn-together (oh so orderly!) strips.  This might be barely enough to make a quilt, but I'll keep going until I've pieced all the scraps I brought with me to California.

When I'm done making all my long strip-series, I'll sew two of these together side by side, following the thickness and thinness of each of the series.  More ironing, and then I sew a double strip to another double strip.

On the left above, you see one of the 4-strips-together strips being ironed (the combined fabric is at least 50 yards long), and on the right are some 4-strips on the wall after I've cut them to length.  When I have all of my 4-strip yardage cut, I'm ready to actively make aesthetic choices up on the wall.  Below is a picture of most of a previous Strip Scrap quilt.

The picture above is an image of about two-thirds of my most recent strip scrap quilt, From Above.

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