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Fall 2011

a wooden jigsaw puzzle!

I recently completed a project I've been wanting to do for a while. I had a wooden jigsaw puzzle made, using an image of one of my framed hangings.

I used Phoenix, and had the puzzle produced by Liberty Wooden Puzzles. The puzzle is delicious; the colors are beautifully reproduced, and the shapes of the pieces are exotic and interesting (even the ones that don't look like butterflies...)

The funding for this project was raised online, through Kickstarter. I posted movies and more pictures. Even though the funding deadline has passed, you can still check out the pages I created for this venture (including a couple movies, and more pictures). Click here to see it!

I'd like to produce another wooden puzzle, with more pieces, and using a cut pattern of my own design. I'm thinking about Cock of the Walk, with many chickens included in the pieces...

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