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Spring 1999

Spring 1999: Various things in progress in a studio in Kentucky

I've been piecing spirals for 2 quilts which are on order (see Circus of Suns for a view of the first quilt I made of this pattern). Below you can see the spirals I've made...I've got enough spirals for both quilts now.

Now I'm trying to find the right fabrics for the lattice (or backgrounds) of the two quilts.
Below left is a picture of some of the colors I considered, and on the right is a snap of the background color I've decided to use for one of the pieces.

I've started a quilt (not yet spoken for) of the pattern I call Water Zig Zag. First I dyed two 3-yard pieces of ombre cloth, ripped it into strips and arranged them on the wall. I then decided that the tone of all the strips together was too somber, so I took 3 of the strips down, and did some discharge shibori dyeing to lighten them up and give them some added interesting texture. On the left you see the strips before the discharge dyeing. On the right is a portion of the now-pieced strips, with the ombre and the discharge combined.

and below is an image of the finished quilt!

The other quilt that's in progress at the moment is a version of Reef. Below are a couple of pictures of it on the wall of my studio, at the stage when the pieces of the center were just arranged on the wall. The center is now sewn together, and I'll be adding a border.

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