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Fall 2000

A new Wallhanging

Below is a picture of the wallhanging Cock of the Walk .

It started with the center, which is a version of a design that I've used many times (though it's different every time; see Shimmer, Fire on the Lake and Mist Rising for earlier applications of this technique).  I finished the center of the piece, and was really struck by the colors and their vibrancy. 

The piece seemed to want to be a bit crazier, so I put some of the excess zig zags on the top and bottom.  Then it started putting me in mind of male birds and their flashy plumage, which made me want to get a little more flamboyant at the top.  Hence those feather-like shapes at the top right and left.  They're white in the picture, because that's a pattern I've cut out of paper, but I will piece them in a fabric that is various shades of orange and gold.

The whole process is very exciting now; the piece has taken on a personality of its own, and so makes certain demands on me.  I'll post a picture as it gets further along.

Meantime, below I give you a bit of serendipity:  Even though I missed the beautiful New England fall this year, I occasionally run across a very beautiful leaf, and below is a picture of today's find:

Cock of the Walk is now finished. 
Check out this link to see the final piece!

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