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March 2010

a quilt for Charlotte

a Water Zig Zag quilt for my third mother

My dear friend Charlotte, who lived down the street when I was growing up (hence my "third mother" name for her) wanted a new quilt, and I've started work on it. It'll be one of the series I call "Water Zig Zag", though a bit different in form than most of those I've made.

Because Charlotte now has a smallish bed, the quilt will be quite a different size than most of my bedquilts, so I used this opportunity to redesign the quilt based on her size desires. This I did in Photoshop; gosh, I love doing stuff like that! To the right is an image of what I came up with.

So, first I dyed the fabric -- 4 pieces of ombre, and 2 in various shades of blue, painted with sponges.

After dyeing, I rip the fabric into strips, and stack them on top of one another. From the pictures to the right, you can get an idea of how long the strips are; they're laid out on an 8" table, and as you can see, a considerable amount of the length hangs over the edge.

After I've got my strips stacked, I mark a zig zag on the top one, and then cut all at once, starting at one end of the strip. On the right is a picture of the pieces after they're all cut. I've put the uppermost layer of the right side pieces on the bottom of the stack.


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