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March 2010

a community project

My friend Judy Zemel and a few others came up with the idea of encouraging folks in our community to make art related to the theme of energy in the state of Vermont. One of the reasons this was on their minds is that our local nuclear power plant will be decommissioned in the year 2012. There's been a lot of press about this lately; a tritium leak and cesium-137 found in the soil around the plant have fueled the attention surrounding the Vermont Legislature's recent vote not to allow relicencing of the plant. (Vermont is the only state that gives the legislature a say in the relicencing decision.)

so, on March 6, the town-owned River Garden in Brattleboro was turned into a very busy space, with tables set up with various art activities. Someone who was there made a great video, which you can see on You Tube. Judy and I were offering the chance to make a small flag, using cloth and dyes.
It was an exhausting, but satisfying, day, and many flags were made. We then hung them up in the space (kind of like Tibetan prayer flags).

Here are some images of creation...

a participant rediscovers an ancient printing technique... ...and my young friend Avi perfects his style: glooping dye on the cloth and then mushing it around!

and some pictures of the "opening" on April 2.

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