web resources

A little information about the fabrics and dyes that I use can be found HERE.

places to get supplies (fabric, dyes and auxiliaries), and also a lot of information about dyeing:

Pro Chemical and Dye

Dharma Trading Company

I'm not sure if the following link is working, but give it a try...
Paula Burch (just information, and LOTS of other links)

other dyed fabrics for sale:
Jeanette Viviano
Rainbow Fabrics
Fabrics to Dye For

Surface Design Association
SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates)
Putney Craft Tour

visual inspiration:
traditional Japanese Shibori patterns
Leandra Spangler (baskets)
JoAnne Russo (baskets)
Judy Stone (enamel)
Lunn/Mrowka (potato dextrin quilts)

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