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Leaf Quilts


On this page, I show you two quilts made with my (relatively new) leaf fabric. For more information about this particular technique, click here. To the left is Butternut, which is basically a setting of a very large piece of cloth which I made using some wonderful tree branches I came accross while out for a walk. The border fabric was made in the following manner:

I took a piece of my ombre fabric, and rolled thickened black dye over maple leaves, resulting in a piece with colorful leaves peeking through the black. The whole process was made even more exciting by a sudden thunderstorm; I had to cover the piece-in-progress with plastic, and come back to it later!

Below is a different approach, where I've used a piece of fabric which I made using Sumac leaves as the patterning resist. For the quilt, I cut my Sumac fabric into diamond shapes and separated them with a lattice and small diamonds.

Sumac Diamonds

Above on the left is an image of a detail of the center of Butternut. Below is a close-up of part of Sumac Diamonds.
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