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Strip Scrap: Rhythm

I currently have a Strip Scrap quilt finished, and for sale. If you'd like to see it, click here.

City Lights

One day, I was digging my way through the ever-expanding scrap pile in my studio, and I decided to figure out a way to use all those scraps. My basic plan was to take anything that could be called a strip, and sew it to all the other strips I had in the pile, and then sew the resulting longer strips together. 

I make no aesthetic decisions about what should be next to what, but instead use the width of the strips as the only criteria for placement. When I have amassed very long groups of strips (up to 50 yards long), I sew one group to another, side by side. Again, I make no decisions about color or shape. When I've created groups of strips that are 8-12" wide, I cut them to the length I want for the quilt, and arrange them on the wall. Because all the pieces start out as scraps they often get wider or narrower, which makes for some interesting and slightly challenging piecing.

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