hand-dyed fabrics


I never thought I would get interested in stamping images on fabric (seemed so tedious), but once I started playing with it, I kept thinking of new twists and variations, and the whole thing was very captivating!  The logical extention of stamping for me is rolling -- essentialy wrapping the stamping material around a cylinder and applying dye with it as you would in painting a wall.  The next page will show you some of that.

My pet name for the fabric on the right is "tablecloth", because it's so fresh and perky -- reminds me of what might be on a diner table. The red squares were printed with a ravioli cutter.

 To the right you see a piece where I have stamped the fabric, and then done ombre over it.  I love the way the red circles seem to recede or come forward, depending on what colors are around them.


The fabric on the left was one of my first stamped pieces.  The stamp was made of strips of pop-up sponge glued onto a plexiglas square.  By dipping the stamp in two different liquid dyes, the images came out with subtle variations in color.

On the left is a fabric which I stamped in yellow with a stamp I made of foam weatherstripping adhered to plexiglas. Then, after curing the fabric but not washing it, I did an ombre with greys and reds. The yellow (it tends to do this) "cuts through" the other colors.

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