hand-dyed fabrics


On the right, you can clearly see the effect of having more than one color on the table at the same time.

On the right is another example, with many layers built on top of each other, making a wonderfully complex fabric.

On the left is a very simple monoprint. I smeared thickened dye on my table (which is covered with vinyl, so the dye beads up a bit) and then carefully laid a piece of white fabric on top, right side down (in this case, it was a sateen, so it actually did matter). Later I poured unthickened blue dye over the piece and smoothed it on. I love the gesture of the monoprint --the curve my hand made in spreading out the thickened dye.

On the left, I've built up three separate layers of monoprint, and then applied unthickened blue dye over the as-yet-unwashed cloth. The purple layer was smeared on the table in the same manner as the first piece shown on this page, but for the brown and green layers, I did something extra after smearing the dye on the table. I raked through the dye with a notched trowel (a little plastic job you can get at the hardware store for less than a buck) to make a pattern on the table-top. These trowels come with differently-sized notches on each side, and you can see that I used the wide notches for the brown, and the more closely-spaced notches for the green.

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