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(more) clamp-resist

This page shows examples of clamp-resist where the variations in the pattern, or differences in the amount of dye in various places, make a big impact.

On the right is a quietly wonderful piece of fabric. I took a very softly-dyed mop-up cloth and folded it into a small square. I dipped the edges of the square into dye, using a couple different warm colors. When I unfolded the package, I could see that because of inaccurate folding, some lines came out darker, some lighter, and some not at all. I love the resulting rhythm.

On the left is a fairly simple fold, but done none too carefully. As a result, the rust emphasises different parts of the pattern in different parts of the cloth. This is much more interesting to me than a strictly folded piece.

Here's one more, showing the effect of extremely slovenly folding. In this one, you also see the result of one dye separating into its component parts. As a dye seeps into the folded package of fabric, some of its constiuents will travel faster or farther than others, making a fabric that appears to have been dyed with more than one color.

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