hand-dyed fabrics

rolled techniques

72" x 42"


On the right is another variation. For this one, I accordion-folded the fabric, then rolled the whole thing up like a snail shell. I then put it in a confined space (in this case, a plastic jar), and poured dyes -some thickened, some not- into the jar. A little bit of agitation, and then patience...

And look what happened!


For a cloth like the one on the left, I first activate the fabric and wring it out. Starting from the side that is the top in this picture, I roll the fabric, ending up with a package about 3" x 42". I then flatten the roll, and paint liquid dyes on, letting them soak all the way through to the very inside of the roll. I turn the flattened roll over, and soak in some more dye. Then I let the roll rest for at least 24 hours (still rolled up) before washing it. Unrolling it to wash it is like opening a present!

40" x 35"

On the left is another piece dyed in the same manner as the one above. On the day I made rthis one, however, there was a wider variety of colors to dump into the jar!

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