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September 2012

Life in the Village:

a calendar for 2014

(this is an image of the piece in progress; not sure what the eventual arrangement will be...)

Book Sale
artist-dyed fabrics, pieced and stretched on a wooden frame

The first Saturday after Labor Day brings the Westminster West Community Fair. Our little village goes all out, and (rain or shine) we can expect running races, a parade, delicious barbeque for lunch, a talent show, golden elephant sale, silent auction, whack-a-cob, and a book sale to benefit the library.

Perhaps “whack-a-cob” requires some explanation? Several years ago, one of our residents fashioned an ingenious game, which every year attracts a long line of kids awaiting a turn: Before the corn cobs from lunch go into the compost, each makes a detour, and is placed on a set of wheels (an old roller skate) at the top of a slanted chute. A barrier at the bottom of the incline stops the roller skate, but the cob continues its forward momentum, and slides across a chopping block, giving the waiting child one chance to bring his or her hatchet down to whack the cob in two. Not an easy feat!

Many different activities, and folks enjoying them together, make for a celebration!

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