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A Spiral Quilt for Stefanie

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Now the spiral has grown quite a bit, with the "warm" arm going from yellow to deep red, and then into green and blue.  Meantime, the other arm of the spiral has progressed through purple back to light green, and has decided that a few bumps are called for.
You can see that what was originally the "warm" arm of the spiral has phased into a deep blue, and I think I'll end it over there on the right side.
Here's a piece of fabric with a lot of character, which I'd like to bring in at this point.  It's a bit tricky, though; I don't want it to overpower the fairly soft mood I've already got going.

                                                                                         As you see, I decided to use just one bit of the fabric I introduced in the last panel, and have continued that arm of the spiral with another fabric, somewhat reminiscent of the middle cat's-eye.

The whole spiral now measures about 35" in diameter.

Spiral continued...

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